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Counselling Offers
I haven't come around yet to translate these documents into English. If you have any questions, click here for details.
Spiritual Tarot

…is laying out the Tarot cards from the viewpoint of the Higher Self. Using a combination of ancient and modern spreads, Spiritual Tarot reveals the causes of problems as seen from our soul and thus enables us to actively deal with the obstacles of life in an all-encompassing way.

I understand my Tarot counselling as a means to help manifest your full potential here on Earth.

If you are looking for ways and methods to work with the insights gained by your readings and to apply them to your life, you can use Benevolent Magic. It is a magical means to bring about benevolent outcomes of virtually any situation in your life.


To get more information about me and my work, you can look at example Tarot spreads (alas, only in German at the moment, but you can always ask), Tarot layouts for virtually any situation in life, or you can look at feedback that I received from my customers.

The Way I Work

Usually, one Tarot spread can only cover one subject at a time and doesn't answer to Yes/No questions (like: «will he/she leave me?». The information that the Tarot gives us is usually complex and I'd be glad to help formulating your question or choosing an appropriate Tarot spread.

The more you tell me about your feelings related to your question (your point of view is most important), the more precise are the answers of the Tarot.

Very often, I am using the Morgan Greer Tarot deck, whose symbolism is very similar to the Rider/Waite/Smith deck. In my opinion, the Morgan Greer deck delivers a better approach to the cards, because of the vivid images. I can also offer the Aleister Crowley deck or the Osho-Zen Tarot deck. Especially the Osho-Zen deck fascinates me more and more, because it renders a very modern and also extremely helpful picture of the situation.

Counselling Offers and Pricing
Düsseldorf If you are living in or around Bonn, Germany, the best would be a personal session. I charge € 65.00 ($90) an hour. Please send an E-Mail with a preferred date and time or call me at ++49 (211) 669-6189. From the US, dial 011-49…
Counselling by E-Mail ( ist also availale and used often. You will receive an electronic document containing your Tarot Layout and a detailed description of the meaning of each of the cards (look at the examples). Counselling by E-Mail is € 130.00 ($180).
Counselling by telephone is € 65.00 ($90) per hour. Previous reservation and payment is required and I cannot make notes. Feel free to record the session on tape if you want to work with the information that is coming through.
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Counselling Offers
Spiritual Counseling
with Tarot:

• in Person*
• by E-Mail*
• by Telephone 

*With these options you will receive a detailed color document of your spread, thoroughly explaining the meaning of your cards (see Examples).
Om namah shivaya